About Us

Volt Motor was established to manufacture coil winding in 1966, and started to manufacture single-phase electric motors in 1987 and subsequently three-phase electric motors and has taken its place in the electric motor manufacturing sector.

Volt Motor taking its place among Saya Group partners in 2011 has reached 315 types of frames from 63 types of frame size ad a product range in 200 Kw power with its 45.000 m2 production area and as a result of new technological investments and R&D activities performed with more than 500 employees.

Today Volt Motor has become one of the leading electric motor manufacturers in Turkey. Volt Motor, which has been successful in the sector of electric motor manufacturers that it has been operating since its establishment and continues to make a difference in the sector by reflecting the innovative projects its has developed into its business processes. Volt Motor, which sees its responsibilities in social issues as an important part of its business responsibility, continues to work on this field to add value for life.

Volt Motor has started to release the electric motors within performance class of IE3, being the premium energy level, with the R&D works carried out in order to reduce the energy consumption and to increase the energy performance in our country. It has been maintaining the cooperation in international markets related to the IE4 motors in the super premium energy level.

On the other hand, it has begun to manufacture the world’s most efficient electric motor with its new technology and compact series product Voltpro, and to release this product to national and international markets.

As Volt Motor; in the framework of our “Quality and Environmental Management System”, which we created with a production approach giving value to the human, we produce quality electric motors with respectful and safe methods to the environment;

by working with the principle of prevention of the environmental pollution occupational accidents diseases,

by ensuring effective use of natural resources, prevention of pollution, reduction and separation of washes in the source that may occur during our actives,

by acting responsibly and sensitively to the environment and the community for a better future with the understanding of “Post Capital Values”.

Aim of the Volt Motor that celebrates its 30th Establishment Year in 2017 is to continue to grow and develop in its main market, Turkey to take its place among the top 500 industrial companies of Turkey and to increase its export to other European and Middle Eastern countries, particularly to Germany.

Volt Motor, which grows fast each passing day, continues its excellence journey with the guidance of TURQUALITY and EFQM to become a global brand with the Ain of product quality and sustainable success in world standards.

Volt Motor takes firm steps forward to the mission of Powered by Volt on the way to create “Content Brand” within the scope of its Vision for 2023.