Our Human Resources Policy

We know very well that, establishing a strong organizational structure to implement the business strategies for the objectives of SAYA Group and affiliates can be possible with the understanding of “Human Comes First”. This understanding provides the basis for our human resources management patterns which are employee oriented that will bring our group to the future and our organizational culture.


We employ the personnel who will bring our group to the future, who is in accordance with corporate culture, who is qualified and has the improvement potential, with the principle of equal opportunity.

Institutional Development and Learning

We perpetuate the development and learning, knowing the impact of creating a culture of learning organization in order to achieve our business targets.

Career Management

We primarily adopt the understanding of assignment from the inside paying regard to equal opportunity in the assignment and promotion processes within our Group, with a career model that will reveal different potentials of all our employees.

Performance Management

We apply a fair and objective performance management system to provide feedbacks for the performance and development of our employees on business objective basis by adopting the approach of management with objectives.