The Policy Of Saya Grup’s Social Responsibility

There are some responsibilities that are given to people and organizations in their society. In the societies that the responsibilities aren’t fulfilled in family, environment, school work and mutual responsibility areas; same cases like chaos, injustice, inequality, poverty and ignorance occur. Social unrest is caused by these cases increasing. To prevent and diminish these kinds of cases brings about the notion of “Social Responsibility” Social responsibility is, without any expectations, by feeling responsible towards the society, acting in accordance with the society’s values, norms, customs and traditions, laws and rules of the country’s, religious feelings, the grace of human values.

Individuals who have sense of social responsibility are beautiful people suitable to “good people” model who are happy with others’ happiness, doing good without any expectations that societies find peace, well-being, happiness through their work and achievements. This is the case for companies too. Companies using the resources of the society and producing values for that society are responsible for fulfilling its responsibilities towards to society that they live in.

Saya Group set out with the principle of “The best ones are the ones who do good”, that sums up such understanding of social responsibility, as Sancaklar Foundation till August 2014 and directly as Saya Group, group companies and Sancak Family has contributed to culture of our country’s solidarity and unity culture in accordance with family and company values so far. And this will remain as it is. With this objective, our group has designated required studies and focused to increase the benefits that are provided on such matters;

  • Education to supply human resources to our country,
  • Culture and art to enrich the life and to aggrandize it,
  • Fight against the drugs which is the biggest problem our country and the world,
  • Fight against the obesity which is the disease of the century
  • Economical aid for the families in need to meet the need of them at least to some extent.