Saya Group

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Sancak family started its journey in commerce in 1950s under the leadership of Abdulkerim Sancak. The family moved to Istanbul in 1987, with the intention to continue its activities in different provinces of Turkey, and founded Hedef Alliance. The company, in which Abdulrezzak Sancak and his brothers took active role, became the leader in distribution of medicines in Turkey and again, an important actor in the world.

Abdulrezzak and his brothers founded Saya Group (Sancak Yatirim) in order to make use of their experience of years and know how. Saya Group has the motivation to be helpful to humankind and places great importance on research and development, export and employment. The group prepares social responsibility projects about the issues it cares a lot about such as anti drug campaigns, anti obesity campaigns, supporting education and financial support for the poor.

Saya aims to reach a turnover of 2.000.000TL of which at least 15 per cent will result from exports and employ at least 3000 people by the year 2020. The group grew 27% more than the previous year and reached a turnover of 400.000.000 TL and raising the number of employees from 590 to 1500 in two years.
Saya grows on the basis of three crucial principles that gain more importance in the business world every day. These principles are being optimistic about life, acting quickly and working with a focus on efficiency.

Saya group never forgets that it owes its success to discipline and working hard and its sustainability to the importance it gives to saving and modesty.
We, as Saya Group, believe that the peace, stability and tranquility in our country is only possible when these are obtained in the whole world. Without doubt, the peace, stability and tranquility in the country will also reflect on the companies and individuals in the companies.


Folkart, who gives life to Saya Group, along with contributing modern works to the country, enriches the economy and makes its investors gain, under the motto “Life is worth it”. The original and prestigious projects of Folkart which bring quality and comfort to the human life, has been awarded national and international prizes. Folkart have completed the high standard projects such as the fifth highest twin towers of Europe, Folkart Towers, and the biggest medicine factory of Turkey, Pharmactive.

The anthropocentric mentality of Saya Group has been transformed to job safety in Folkart. Folkart continues to build elite buildings that reach the skies with high technology and an environment friendly mentality.


Pharmactive was born as a result of 20 years of experience of Sancak Family in medicine industry, and their mindset of “How happy is he who cures a wound”. Pharmactive started to be built in 2011; it received an investment of 200 million dollars and became a factory with 330 million boxes a year.

Pharmactive is built on an area of 108000m2 it is currently 42500m2 and going to be expanded to 80000 m2 with the addition of the new buildings, and will be made into a giant production facility. Pharmactive, one of the biggest and most modern medicine factories of Turkey, presents the medicines most needed in different therapeutic areas with superior quality, experienced staff and patient-focused mindset.

The factory, built in international standards considering all the special circumstances of manufacturing medicine, is equipped with the finest building management systems. Pharmactive is awarded the worldwide prestigious European GMP certificate, issued by the most respectable authority in Europe.
PharmAR-GE, who is responsible of the research and development in Pharmactive, collaborates with universities, doctors and pharmacists for product development and presents new solutions for the sector.

Pharmactive aims to be one of the biggest five generic drug factories by 2018 and will continue to be the hope for patients in Turkey and the world by producing high quality drugs with low costs.


Volt Electric Motors, built in 1897 and have come to be among the outstanding brands of Turkey, had been incorporated to Saya Group and contributed to the energy of the Group. It became one of the two biggest firms in the sector after growing three times between 2011 and 2014.

Located in a 45000 m2 facility in Izmir, Volt Electric Motors have been awarded many prizes with its advanced technology, research and development works, innovative mindset and started to compete in the world market after reaching the global standards.


Saya Group’s journey in the mining sector started with “Livamine” in 2010. The brand was incorporated under the name of “Liva Krom İşletmeciliği Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.” in order to make its investments in the beginning of 2016 and took its place among the Saya Group companies as the newest member of the group.

Following the establishment of the company, Livamine purchased Uludağ Harmancık Krom SAN. TIC. A.Ş., which owns chromium facility license in the district of Harmancık in Bursa, and had a license for 389-hectare chromium facility.

Livamine has also signed a partnership agreement for sales and marketing with Glencore, the world’s largest producer of chromium ore, ferrochromium and the largest trader of raw material, and place great importance to business development and R & D activities.

In order to be on the forefront in the industry, Livamine agreed with CFT Engineering to start R & D activities in 21 sites where it had a “Pre-search” license, and Livamine began to conduct metallic mine searches in these sites mainly for gold, copper and chromium, while continuing negotiations on the potential partnerships with chromium and other metallic mines.

Livamine aims to be one of the leader mining companies of our country and the world in the future and continues to work to become the owner of new mines in line with this aim.